Terms of Conditions


Services we provide may come in multiple price and time, depending on membership plan you subscribe to, and the project you may want to print. Every product and services we offer, may be through 3rd party partnership with exclusive price through membership plan.

Subscription Plan

Membership Panel  & Discount/Savings

Every members gets a membership panel that gives you an overview of your account. From monitoring usage bandwidth and web space to savings discount. Membership Panel can be access to any desktop to mobile site. Discount and Savings applies automatically to every product and services we offer at http://rexzile.com/store/. Some product and services may not apply for discount and savings.

To view the comparison of savings for product and services, please visit http://rexzile.com/plans.

Every billing cycle starts the day of the registration of every month.

Website  |  Request for Modify/Update  |  Lock/Unlock Hosting  |  Transfer Hosting

Rexzile offers free website to all members who subscribe to any of the subscription plan on yearly or monthly plan. When you become a member, you must make a request http://rexzile.com/request-web/ in order to receive a free website. With free website, you can also add or update your content for your website that’s exclusively to members.

A single “add/update request” is considered to be single paragraph with a title or single image with title.
We highly recommend not unlock your server if you depend on us to add/update content.

Here are the example of add/update request:
1 (single) – Title & Paragraph
1 (single) – Title & Image

You are free to unlock at any times, but will not have a guarantee feature “Request Add/Update” so it’s important to keep it lock. First timer who receive website through Rexzile will automatically be locked. If you need to access your server or cPanel at anytime, please request through Submit Ticket. We need 24-48 hours to have our member to lock your server and to verify if the website is compatible for add/update content feature in case you may have changed it. Unlocking a Server is considered complete scan. Free website is only available for yearly and monthly subscription plan.

If you need help transferring hosting data to our server, we can help you with that. We can not guarantee regarding the availability, and time it requires to complete the hosting transfer that may include data files. Every hosting provider is configured differently, and may not be compatible. We highly recommend that you do not cancel your hosting provider until your transfer is successfully and satisfied on your terms.

If you decide to unlock your hosting server, you may not able to access our free feature “Request for Add/Update” during your subscription. And “Request for Add/Update” is only available through membership plan and can not be used on other hosting provider.

Monitor Usage Report

When you have a website or any data online, you may want to track your usage for space and bandwidth, this can give you an idea how many people visit your website and can help you achieve your goal. Loading, reloading and cancelling a page is still considered usage bandwidth by the visitor of your website. Our membership panel updates every 24 hours. The statistics report gives details about the amount of people coming to your website.

Once usage is over the limit, your hosting will put on hold and will shut down until the next month or you can upgrade your membership plan for extra bandwidth. Ask for details.

Back up and data loss

Backing up your hosting server requires your account to be active. If your account gets suspended, you will not able to access to it.

If your account gets suspended for 3 month, we will close down your account and delete all the data files, and will not be able to retrieve any files. We will not be responsible for your data loss. So it’s important to keep your account active within 3 month, to keep your data safe.

Dedicated IP address

All hosting server comes with shared ip address. To have a non shared IP address, for your hosting please contact through support apps in membership panel.


There are many ways to contact Rexzile for support. For starter you can visit contact us page and communicate with one of our staff.

For members they can login to the membership panel and have a quick chat support and call back phone support with schedule ahead alert, so that you can focus on your businesses while we will call as soon as possible. Or you can use one of your ticket support and follow up conversation until you get your answers.

Remember don’t forget to visit FAQ.

User & Account

User ID & Account setup

Rexzile will not be responsible for lapsed registration due to outdated contact information or mistake shipping address being associated with the membership plans.

When changing user or account information, will affect and impact your service such as shipping address to contact information when it is incorrect.

All payment will be screened by us and our partners in case of fraud. Once screen is passed, we will setup your account after payment is approved.

It is your responsibility to provide a genuine personal/business & contact information in case of abuse issue or to contact you, for any reason.

And it is also your responsible to keep up to date by logging into membership panel and select account information.

Providing false information of any kind may result termination of your account without notice.

Payment & Billing

When using paypal or credit card will not be considered as verified or confirmed until your bill is charged. At the time of decline will may suspend your account.

In membership plan purchases or high risk transaction will be necessary to provide government issued identification and possible a scan of the credit card used for the purchase. If you fail to meet these requirement, the order may be considered fraudulent in nature and be denied.

Any request refund will take up 48 hours.

Price Fluctuate & Pro rated

Price may change for further notice. We will give you at least few month ahead. This is due to inventory issue including wholesale market price, but don’t worry our goal is to keep the price low against our competitor.

Prorated is usually applies to upgrade and downgrade, you will be charged for prorated for current and remaining days for upgrade or downgrade, and any difference you owe will be charge or any differences we owe will be credited to your account.

Renewal, Cancellation and Suspend

When you cancel hosting, it is your responsible to have your data backed up before shutting down and deleting after 3 month of inactive, otherwise renewing is required to access to your hosting.

Once deleted, you will not able to retrieve those data. So be sure to backup your data. Renewal takes 48 hours for screening for detecting fraudulent for payment purpose.

Domain Name


Rexzile Domain Name registry has partnered with ENOM Central a leading domain name registration company to provide you a live search domain name and purchase for low price.

When you register a domain name it is your responsible to provide a genuine information; All domain names are public information unless you purchase to keep it private. These are ENOM central rules.

You can also transfer from any domain registry to Rexzile for free of charge with a yearly subscription plan.

Product & Services

Web, Print & Design

Web, Print and Design are part of Rexzile services. Our price for members and nonmembers may change for further notice and our guidline for design and upload may change. We do remind our customers ahead of time.

3rd party provider

Some product & services provided by Rexzile are provided either license or use third party services to serve members and nonmembers. For example everything we provide still ships out of Rexzile and not 3rd party.


When we ship product and services, we will ship to billing default address. You do have option to add new address in the shopping cart.

Refund & Exchange policy

We do not accept refund on print, design and web. For exchange, hardware equipment such as display stand must be defected on it’s own and must be within 14 days.


Ownership & Responsibility

Credit card holder or owner of the paypal email address which is utilized for payment on the account is designated as the authorized owner of the account.

Adding credit card will be your responsible if:
ownership of the credit card or credit issuer makes a complaint, will leads to shut down your membership and hosting server without notice until your payment is made.

Price Fluctuate

Cost of Membership plan changes overtime and there for subscription cost changes as well with notice.


Unlmited Discount applies while stock lasts. If they are out of stock, you may request or reserve through Submit Ticket.

Reselling is prohibited

Reselling space within hosting server is prohibited and you (ownership of the account) will be responsible for any content that is illegal or may be inappropriate. For full details regarding to illegal and restricted contents read privacy policy.

Membership Plan is to be sold to individual. For sharing purpose will still considered as one account.


Use of your services to infringe upon any copyright or trademark is prohibited. This include but not limited to any digital or physical of product and services, can cause immediate termination of your account.