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“Dedicated Graphic Design Assistance to design and update your website”

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Unlimited Deals
Website with 5 page and a form
Update web content 4X
Web Hosting 2GB space
N/A Apps
N/A Graphic Assistance
N/A Website Stats
N/A White Label




Unlimited Deals
Website with 7 page and a form
1 Apps integrate to your site
Update web content 8X
Web Hosting 4GB space
Graphic Assistance 1X
N/A Website Stats
N/A White Label




Unlimited Deals
Website with 7 page and a form
2 Apps integrate to your site
Update web content 12X
Web Hosting 6GB space
Graphic Assistance 2X
Website Stats
White Label

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Unlimited Deals?


Every active members gets unlimited deals on all product and services.
Most of the membership deals beats market price even makes the wholesale cost ridiculous!
Go ahead to the store section to see the membership price.



Full presentation with contact form and powered by WordPress one of best platform for content management system, and uses at least more than 20% of the internet sites. Once you join we will guide and help you setup and then we will develope the website for you. This includes web hosting value of $100/year and update web content for your website.



Graphic Assistance is the most important service we are offering.
Our staff is always available for assisting our members to design, to market and to deveope the service you request at any time and anywhere.
Our Graphic Assistance is an advisor service where we can be helpful to your business and share some ideas. Join Now and we can start the conversation, and don’t forget to check our guidance as well.


Frequently asked questions

What is the membership exactly for?

Membership is for anyone looking for design, print and web related and combines into a subscription plan and gives you into wholesale price in individually. We say this unlimited discount. Membership also includes website with update content for free and a free web hosting to store your website.

Is there a contract?

Those are optional. You can go with monthly or yearly subscription. Yearly subscription comes in low month cost. This is why we price that in memberhip plan page. Go ahead and visit to see the benefits of joining yearly.

What if I signed up for 1 year, can I still cancel the plan?

Absolutley. There is no limit how you can treat with membership. However we will only charge at monthly subscription price instead, regular rate as opposed to discount rate when choosing yearly over a monthly, and Domain Name will be charged as well at a regular cost.

I have a domain name and hosting plans already with other web service company. Can I transfer domain name and hosting to this membership plan?

Definitely, with our membership plan you get free domain name for one year whether you register or transfer. And if you have a domain name already, you can transfer to Rexzile and have it for 1st year free and receive web hosting as part of membership plan.

Why join a membership?

Why? To save money!
We believe this will make a lot easier for anyone looking to print or design as one time and can return anytim with ease of use of our website. If you need to constant prints or  design service then this make sense where you will be charged for discount then we sell at regular price for non members.

Here is an example of membership and non membership

Membership Compare: Member Non Member
Website Free $300
Web Hosting Free $100/year
Customer purchase: Member Non Member
Business Cards 5000 $53.63 $89.38
Flyers & Brochure 1000 $114.71 $134.71
Banner Stand $66 $100

Can I cancel a membership subscription?


Yes. You can cancel anytime.

I can not access to hosting server or WordPress, it’s locked.

The hosting panel or your WordPress will be locked automatically when an account is created.Unlocking your hosting server or WordPress will automatically disable update/add contentfeature and will not be responsible for performance of your website.And if you configure may make things little harder for us to enable that may not be compatible of your configuration.

It recommended you do not unlock your hosting server or WordPress if you want free update web content every month.

What is a update web content?

Every members gets a website, but over time your website may need a new content, and instead of calling a the web guy who will charge ridicoulous cost, you can log in to our membership panel from smartphone or laptop and request update content for free anytime, anywhere.

I don’t need a hosting just yet, can I request free website at later time?

Yes, free website stays in your account until you request one

Do I own the content in the hosting server?

Yes you own all the contents store in your hosting server including handcraft design by Rexzile  for free.

What is your refund & exchange policy?

We do not accept refund on print, design and web. Hardware equipment such as display stand must be defected on it’s own for exchange to be approval and must be within 14 days.

Unlocking Hosting Server or WordPress will disable following feature:

  • Automatic WordPress Security Update
  • Disable update web contents

When do I receive the “free” domain name or tranfer” to Rexzile server?

Free domain name comes with yearly subscription. Please check your account to request or transfer for free.

If I choose Yearly cost and decided to cancel, will I get money back for unused months?

Yes you will but the months you used will be charged at regular monthly rate oppose to yearly rate.

Can I upgrade the membership plan?

You can upgrade your membership plan anytime.
Select Member Access -> My Plans
Or My plans right in mobile menu.

What is a website stats?

Monitor data from all your apps, website and business in one place with beautiful visual graph. Data from apps can be from within or 3rd party including mailchimp, facebook, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, SQL Server and many more.


How do I know how much space or bandwidth is being used?

Select Member Access -> My Plans
Or My plans right in mobile menu.

What’s a graphic assistance?

Monitor data from all your apps, website and business in one place with beautiful visual graph. Data from apps can be from within or 3rd party including mailchimp, facebook, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, SQL Server and many more.


What is a website apps?

Website apps is a advance programing package to be integrate to your website. We an integrate premade apps. Premade apps comes in variety of options from events, appointment, forms, seo, backup, and many more that can be customize to your business needs.